On August 12th 2008 Stan Storimans, founder of Storicam, was killed by a Russian clusterbomb in Gori, the capital of Georgia. Ten other people died alongside of him at the main square of the city. RTL News correspondent Jeroen Akkermans, who was working with Stan to report on the war in Georgia, was wounded by the attack.


Stan was an exceptional cameraman. Someone who always managed to perfectly capture the images needed, in any circumstance.

Stan loved his profession and his camera. He was proud that every day he could tell a story to millions of viewers in The Netherlands.

Stan is no longer among us, but the memory of him lives on! Reporters who had the pleasure working with him praise him for his qualities, colleagues remember his aim for perfection.

Stan’s legacy lives on in Storicam, the company he founded. A company that pursues the quality and dedication Stand had. Not more, nothing less.

Watch the documentary Jeroen Akkermans made about the research in Gori here.

Documentary Stan